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Thread: Dark Land - Environment Concept

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    Dark Land - Environment Concept

    hello there, an environment concept, titled: Dark land, a combination of painting and couple of elements to achieve the drama of this entire scene, most parts are painted using tablet, in artrage, photoshop and painter.
    the source of inspiration for this was an image of the Monument Valley, USA. that im sharing as well. so, this is also a kind of extension of the whole thing.


    major aim was to have something little depressing, abandoned with an intense dark mood and to have a place from an unknown era.

    artrage was used initially for all the basic blocking and for initial color layout. esp on the structures. other softwares used for some detailing later.

    i thank you for stopping by. best.
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    Wow... This is just amazing!
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    waheed... nice to see you back here.. you really captured the mood in this work the sharp monoliths with the spikes add to the dangerous feeling as does the sky... not a painting you want on your wall but a terrific image for a movie or book...

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    Well done, I like very much

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    This is a wonderful piece. I love the sense of distance you're getting with the washed out tones and dusty horizon in the background, as well as the addition of the two objects in the extreme foreground. I also dig how you're mimicking the form of the mountains with the abandoned objects-- you can't tell, far in the distance where detail is erased, if you're looking at buildings or mountains. That's a nice touch. Plus all the little details-- the birds, etc.

    I'ld love to hear a little bit about your process on this. How long did it take? Did you start with the reproduction/creation of the natural scape, and then bring the buildings in "on top" of that? Or did you sketch the entire thing out from scratch as a whole image? What are you using the different programs for? As in, what are you completing in Artrage versus Painter versus Photoshop? It would be very interesting to see how you're using all your tools.

    Mostly, it's a very nice piece with a great deal of depth, and that piques my interest!!

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    Wow! The perfect cover for a book like "The Dark Tower" of Stephen King.

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    Waheed so nice to see you again, missed your beautiful paintings, this is a wonderful piece and so very powerful

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    All I can say is the commercial land developers you have been helping to visualize their shopping areas probably could rethink the appearance to get people to come shop. I don't want to offend anybody, but maybe suggest a better architect for the buildings, and a decent landscaper couldn't hurt the project. Do some market research. A few focus groups couldn't hurt. I mean would you take your family to this place to shop for clothes, grab a bite to eat, see a movie?

    As always your work is very skilled, Waheed. And here you show us again something very clear. It has great depth. The idea of space and distance is good and vast. These sort of towers remind me a little of corporate feudal warfare (assuming people live in these and it's not just rats and insects).

    Seems also like you guys are playing around with the psyche of the audience. Playing on people's fears is a mainstay of cinema. It really grabs ya low and starts the adrenalin pumping. It will definitely engage an audience if the rules of the new world are agreeable to where the audience finds it plausible enough to go on your cinematic ride. Many American films loose touch with that and fail as a result. Many are also done splendidly. And we can pretty much agree which are which. But your guys will definitely have a good looking product at the end with your help.

    It's as if the civilization game has been reset, and the object is to play around in that metaphorical sandbox. Can't wait to see it.

    Very well done, you.
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    Pretty outstanding piece.
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    wow, if I looked up ominous in the encyclopedia...
    that's a scary scene indeed.
    masterfully done.

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