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Thread: Gaps in slow horizontal strokes

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    Gaps in slow horizontal strokes

    I've encountered a strange problem in ArtRage 3.5.3 Studio Pro, running on an Asus EP 121 / Win 7 64-bit, with precise tablet input, and an Axiotron 2-button pen.

    When I draw very slow horizontal strokes with the ink pen (2 pix. size, 90% pressure, no smoothing) I get these gaps as shown in the picture below. As soon as the line is even slightly angled away from the horizontal, the gaps disappear. Fast strokes are smooth too. I've tried both with and without multithreading, doesn't make a difference.

    Name:  Line gaps.png
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    This might also be important: the image dimensions are 5640 x 1650, it has 3 layers (background, pencils with 25% opacity, and ink) and I'm drawing into the topmost layer.

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    Could you possibly send me a script showing the problem? To do this:

    1/ Start a new painting ( you can use the same size as your current painting where you're seeing the problem ), then go to File -> Record script. Choose not to include the current painting when prompted
    2/ Make a few strokes with the pen settings which seem to cause the problem, and if you can make it occur, click the stop button in the recording panel and click OK
    3/ You'll be prompted for a filename. Enter one and click save.

    If you could email the resulting .arscript file to me at I can use this to get all of your pen settings and see what I can do to reproduce the problem here.
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    The script should be in your inbox shortly.

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