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Thread: ArtRage on laptop

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    ArtRage on laptop

    I currently use ArtRage on my Ipad with my stylus and stylus brushes. I LOVE IT. I want to buy ArtRage for either my apple laptop or my pc laptop. Question is... When using ArtRage on a laptop how do you control the tools? For example on the ipad I simple 'draw' on the screen. On a laptop, do I draw with the mouse?

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    I wouldn't recommend doing too much with the mouse or touch pad. Your best bet is to get a graphics tablet, something like the Wacom Bamboo is ideal. It's small, portable and connects using a USB port. It'll also work for both your pc and mac.
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    Yeah, I agree with Jono. People can, and have, made some nice art using a mouse, but it really isn't an ideal set up when using a drawing program. I'd recommend getting a tablet that doesn't need batteries for the pen, and has a good amount of pressure sensitivity. I would agree, again, with Jono's suggestion of a Wacom. I have a Wacom Graphire 4, which has worked great for me (going on four years, now).
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    Yeah I use a Monoprice tablet with my Imac and my HP Windows 7 laptop. Which works really well, and if you're looking for a good but cheap tablet I'd check those out. But I also got quite used to drawing with my mouse before I bought a graphics tablet, so while it doesn't offer as much comfortable precision I would say you could still get by okay with a mouse and your laptop. As far as drawing with your touchpad, well I personally can't stand it! It's possible and works, but the dexterity is horrible trying to draw using only a laptop touchpad. If you can't get a tablet just stick with a nice mouse.

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