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    OUTPUT format


    Before anything I am surprised for seeing so many beautiful works done with artrage around here. And only today realized that we all have that very well and nicely done Magazine for artragers. The job for maintaining that kind of work deserves my respect and my help. I will be doing a work for the next magazine, if approved by the main authors of course

    Well, having said that, I would like to have a help. I was recently curious about if Artrage has the TGA format output (I am intending to do a very short animated film done in PAPro and coloured in Artrage). But it has not.

    Please clarify me about this because I search on internet and a review of this year said Artrage supports TGA.

    Thank you in advance

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    If I understand your question correctly

    Then you can do it like this: Export to, and then open the painting with a different program and save as tga.

    Sorry for my bad English (I never had English education)

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    ArtRage doesn't allow for exporting to the TGA file type. Not sure which review you read, but they must've been mistaken. But, as JMMK has pointed out, you could always use another program to convert the image to a TGA image. So you'd use File > Export Image File, to export the image to a PNG (because it's losses), then open the PNG in a program that can covert that to a TGA. An easy to use, free, program that can do this, is InfranView.
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    Thank you for the replay!
    You both has just helped me with my question.

    I have just visited again the page of the review I told you, and it was for the software Artrage deluxe 2.5. (year 2006 I think). So they took the TGA format out of the new versions.

    I will take the link Someonesane show us....
    Blender 3D uses that kind of format.

    Thank you once again

    Keep painting

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    ArtRage uses the operating system's image export to export. We've never added or removed TGA specifically, but it's possible that some version of an operating system in the past may have supported this format.
    I hope that helps clarify things. Best of luck with your film!
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    Thank you DaveRage.
    I am totally OK with the answers. Thank you very much.

    I will be back someday with that film !

    ArtRage is a very fine software!

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