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Thread: AWOL controls

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    AWOL controls

    how do i get the controls back when the painting suddenly fills the screen ?

    often when i'm working the controls will all vanish - and i have to screw around trying to get them back. usually in a minute or so this is possible ... surely this is a feature, and i simply want to know how to get the controls back

    i've spent far too long looking in the manual to no avail - please help !

    Artrage 3 3.5.3 Studio

    generally, dwelling on the color picker is what i'm doing when all the panels, menus, whatever, vanish

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    It is possible to hide all the controls either by:

    1/ Right clicking ( mouse or tablet stylus )
    2/ Pressing the Enter key
    3/ Going to View -> Clear Canvas Mode

    When this happens a message should be visible at the top of the screen for a couple of seconds - 'right click or press enter to exit Clear Canvas Mode'

    Doing either should reveal the interface again.

    If you're not right clicking ( or accidentally nudging the tablet rocker switch if it's set to right click, I know I've done this from time to time with some tablets ) or pressing the enter key, chances are that either the enter key or right mouse / stylus button are sticking or being triggered by another program. I'd recommend checking that the right click button and enter key aren't sticking first as that's the most likely cause.

    Feel free to email me directly at if this doesn't help and I can troubleshoot with you what might be causing the enter key / right click message to get sent to ArtRage. Let me know the operating system you're using, and if you're using a tablet, what make and model of tablet you're using.

    I hope this is of some help!
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