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Thread: Anyone else find this annoying?

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    Anyone else find this annoying?

    I find it annoying how Artrage doesn't draw the line you're drawing next to the cursor or under where the cursor is. I find it makes it harder to draw accurately. For instance I look at the line I'm drawing instead of looking where the cursor is. And Artrage doesn't finish drawing the line you're drawing until you lift the tool, then it finishes the portion of the line that was under the cursor. So when you lift the tool you all of a sudden have a little portion of the line you were drawing just appear. I tend to want to draw farther than I meant to because I'm looking at the line I'm drawing and it shows it to be.

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    We've covered this in a few other threads but I don't have links at hand. Basically, because of the way the paint simulation tracks the bristles and media on the surface of the canvas, calculating interactions of paint on the brush with paint already applied, the system can't know what a given part of a stroke is going to look like until it has passed over that given point.

    This means that the stroke will appear either as you pass by a point and the system can calculate paint interactions for that point, or when you release the stylus, thereby indicating that the stroke will not be moving on and allowing us to work out where the bristles would go.

    Think of it like the space underneath the bristles of a brush while painting on the canvas: As you drag the brush the bristles trail behind it. You can't see the paint under those bristles, and the look of that paint is not set until the brush has passed by and the trailing edge has shaped the volume of the media on the canvas.

    The system is designed for natural strokes, with a focus on broad gestures, and the stroke will always catch up to the final input point when the gesture is released.

    Hope that helps explain it!
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