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Thread: Occupy Seattle 2

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    Occupy Seattle 2

    Greed formula
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    unfortunately true the people with $$ ie (corporations) have too much influence on the creation of the laws and tax structures to protect themselves

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    Yes indeed, and the corporations are in bed with the government if you will please pardon me. Hand and hand.
    Who are the corporations?
    What do they do?
    Are people thinking for themselves, or are they accepting what is being told to them?
    Are the people of the US being deliberately dumbed down? Are students even being taught government, laws, representation?
    Do people even know self sufficiency, and how our food is cultivated or produced, grown, and marketed?
    Genetically modified with pesticide grains equal more grains, more money, but now our country is over flowing with disease, morbid obesity, and a plethora of neurological disorders. But hey, "they" are making money-and these sick people are making the pharmaceutical companies money, and so on and so forth...
    Ignorance and greed, a lethal combo there.

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