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Thread: We will miss Steve

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    We will miss Steve

    I read recently that the word leadership is very much over applied. Maybe because we yearn for leadership we think we see it everywhere. Someone now calculates that only two to five percent of the population at any one time are true leaders.

    I think the percentage of the great ones is much lower. But it did include Steve Jobs.
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    I agree. At least he will not be in pain anymore and he had the foresight that enabled many to do something different with their lives. Not many can say they did that.


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    He had the incredible knack of being able to look outside the box and seeing concepts for future products.
    I am sure glad of my iPad which is my constant companion along with my iMac again so unique in it's own way.
    He will be sorely missed but along with that he now rests in peace away from the pain of illness.
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    I was in shock when I read of his death last night. I didn't know he was ill.
    He was indeed a true leader. A thinker with class, a rare act these days.

    When I think of his partnership with Gates and the design of the Mac, the protection of its users, I am thankful to him and never fail to think of him when I use my beloved Mac and the worry free use on the internet.

    Thank you Steve, you will indeed be missed.

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    I heard some comments he made on a TV news show some years ago about waking up and living each day as if it were your last. Interesting philosophy for personal motivation. Too bad the guy died at only middle age, the average life expectancy of a male in the USA is somewhere around 64 years.

    Heard many people comment on all the good products he brought to the consumer. I personally have not had the experience of buying any Apple-McIntosh products and have never used anything except some older Mac computers from the late 1980's that were necessary for some college courses in computer science programming with Pascal and also Microsoft Works for Apple. Just the same I liked the MacIntosh computers back then and probably would have bought some more recent Apple consumer PC's and other things like i-pods if I were in a better situation with more disposable income.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen Lo Piano View Post
    the average life expectancy of a male in the USA is somewhere around 64 years.

    Actually, it's more like 75.6 years (approx. average):

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    goodbye Steve
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