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    Re Sticker Sheets

    Hello All

    If I create a sticker sheet and save it. I am not able to use for the sticker spray.
    It seems that some of the files have presets but new files created by me don't or there is no way of creating them on new stickers.
    Any suggestions?

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    Creating the Sticker Sheet is the first step. Once the Sticker sheet is made, you'll need to create a preset for it, by using the Settings, and Variations panel. Here's how to get things started:
    1 - Make your Sticker Sheet (you've done this).

    2 - Select the Sticker Spray tool, and open the Settings Panel (by clicking on the Settings Pod), and open the Variations Panel (by clicking on the Spray Variations button, located on the Settings Panel).

    3 - On the Settings panel you'll find a Sheet menu tab, where you may select the sticker sheet you created (see the attached image below, for it's location).
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    4 - After you have selected your sticker sheet, you may then use the options on the Settings panel, and Variations panel to modify how the stickers on the sticker sheet are placed onto the canvas.
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    5 - After you've made your changes, and are happy with the results, you will need to save the changes as a Preset, if you plan to use them in the future. Open the Preset Panel by clicking on the Preset Pod and then click on the New Preset button.
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    Re Stickers

    Thanx very much found another tutorial as well to do. Seems that they were there all along............
    thanx for your help
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