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Thread: Studio Pro crashes... this didn't happen with previous versions!

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    Unhappy Studio Pro crashes... this didn't happen with previous versions!

    I don't know how it is for everyone else, but for me, the latest Artrage Studio Pro 3.5.3 crashes randomly... enough so that is quite noticeable, compared to previous versions.

    Most of my crashes appear when I save the work on a painting and then open another one.

    I've already tried all the usual suggestions for such a case, but they are more like good intentions than something actually useful.

    Also, the tablet is innocent since the crashes happen randomly regardless of if it's connected or not and I have plenty of memory and hardware that far surpasses the minimum requirements.

    Also, sometimes there is a strange behavior when working with layers in overlay and color blending modes... Wherever I pass the cursor, it fills the layer with square sections of color, as if i was using a perfectly square brush, even if there is no pressure applied or I use the mouse instead of the tablet.

    But those crashes... man, I hate them... Is there a new update in the works? I'd really like a more stable version.


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    Sorry to hear you're having problems. We haven't had users report crashes specific to 3.5.3 at this point, but it's always possible that you've encountered something that other users haven't, as everyone's system configuration and process can be a little different. If I have more information I should be able to so some troubleshooting to try and find out what is happening for you specifically.

    Crashes could be caused by a range of things from driver problems, interactions with other applications, a damaged painting file, and so on. In order to narrow down possible causes, could you please email me directly at with the following information:

    - The operating system and version you're using e.g. OS X 10.6.3
    - Basic system specs for your computer - processor speed, amount of memory, free hard drive space.
    - How frequently the crashes occur
    - As much detail as possible about what you're doing at the time, including what options you click and the very last thing that happens before you see the crash. For example if it happens more when you save then open a file, what you did specifically to save, what you did to open the new file and at what point the crash occured.
    - A list of programs you tend to have running in the background
    - The make and model of your tablet ( so I know what tablet drivers you have installed ), and whether you have downloaded and installed the latest tablet drivers from the manufacturer's website as tablet driver problems have been known to cause crashing from time to time.
    - You mentioned you'd tried all the usual suggestions. Please include what you've tried so far as this may be useful.
    - A general idea of what sort of paintings you're generally working with e.g. size, number of layers
    - If possible, the location you're generally opening and saving from / to on your hard disk. e.g. My Documents\ArtRage Paintings
    - If there's an error message when the crash occurs, what the text of that error message says. if you're on OS X, please include the crash report as these often contain useful information.
    - If anything else has changed on your computer recently that you can think of. Sometimes we discover some strange causes for problems!

    Regarding the square artifact, if you see one of those squares you mention:

    -Go to Edit -> Adjust Layer Colours
    -Don't make any changes
    -click OK

    Let me know whether that removes the artifact. If it does, this is something we have notes on here which will be corrected in an update. In the meantime, the steps above will remove it for you.
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