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Thread: Causing the paint to break while using the palette knife

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    Causing the paint to break while using the palette knife

    I know the guys at ambient design haven't built in the ability to paint with the palette knife yet on the ipad, but I was wondering what you guys thought about having a setting that allows the paint to break over existing paint. This would allow you to easily create texture for things like rocks or for bark on trees. The main reason for this suggestion though is to be able to create Bob Ross style snowy or rocky mountains which look fantastic. Also speaking of the palette knife what would you guys think about being able to control the angle of other types of tools in artrage like the oil brush, the eraser or even the air brush to give it a tilted spray look like you can do in corel painter.

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    You might want to try using the crayon or chalk tools for adding texture, if you haven't already. The results you attain will differ depending on the canvas type you use, but by lowering the pressure of the tools, you'll only hit the higher points of the canvas, allowing the color to break. Here's a quick example I did on my iPad, where I used the "Paper - Crumpled" canvas presets to help create the breaks of color on the mountain top, tree trunk, and the leaves, and the "Canvas - Fine" preset to add some extra texture to the meadow area.

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    I have tried that before but I kind of want that look and feel that you get when the paint breaks and mixes slightly together with paint thats already on the canvas. Also it is a little bit of a pain to go and change the canvas texture all the time when you want a different effect. With the way they have it now you can't change the size of the grain or import new grain textures into Artrage. Personally I think they should make it possible to use grain texture or a flat alpha to use as a brush tip for different effects and textures. It would even be cool if you could create your own canvas or brush textures by using a noise graph generator or having a blank canvas where there is thick white paint on it that you can use different brush textures you create to smear and speckle with. This would create a 2.5D look with high points and shadows that Artrage would recognize as a canvas texture. Then just like using a reference image to capture color you could also capture a certain part of the canvases texture and use it as a brush tip. You could then scroll through the different brush tips you captured to create texture with the oil brush or flat texture with the other brushes. Also in terms of creating your own canvas it would be cool if you could use lines at different angles to create patterns like the pillow textured canvas. Finally I think that mayebe artrage should have a brush tip creator like the one in corel painter where you can change bristle thickness so you can use them with the oil and watercolor brush. Thanks anyway for your suggestion Someonesane! I have viewed your instuctional videos and they are all very good!

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