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    Unhappy Breaking News ASIA

    I received an UPDATE email from USGS earthquake alert.
    I pray for all those affected in all of those areas of Asia..

    Does anyone in Asia have any further info on this event?

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    SEP 18
    015015.8& 18.132N 66.048W 20 10 PUERTO RICO. <RSPR>. MD 2.9
    062701.3 16.687S 42.070E 10G 4.6 A 1.1 80 26 MOZAMBIQUE CHANNEL
    064537.6 0.999S 97.768E 16* 4.5 B 0.6 197 23 KEPULAUAN BATU, INDONESIA
    070418.1 39.833N 143.049E 10G 5.5 5.3 A 0.8 76 187 OFF THE EAST COAST OF
    HONSHU, JAPAN. MW 5.6 (WCMT). Felt (II) at Misawa. Also felt at
    Ichinoseki, Narita and Tokyo. Centroid, Moment Tensor (WCMT): Centroid
    origin time 07:04:19.0; Lat 39.77 N; Lon 143.49 E; Dep 20.0 km;
    Principal axes (scale 10**17 Nm): (T) Val=3.05, Plg=59, Azm=298; (N)
    Val=-0.09, Plg=4, Azm=201; (P) Val=-2.97, Plg=30, Azm=108; Best double
    couple: Mo=3.0*10**17 Nm; NP1: Strike=186, Dip=15, Slip=74; NP2:
    Strike=22, Dip=75, Slip=94.
    075529.5 23.973S 66.707W 185 4.5 A 0.7 102 101 JUJUY, ARGENTINA
    100128.2 18.638N 145.289E 226 4.6 A 0.6 133 45 PAGAN REGION, N MARIANA ISL
    103948.4 41.953N 142.462E 69 5.0 A 1.1 89 297 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
    124051.7 27.713N 88.121E 50G 6.6 6.7 A 0.9 14 335 SIKKIM, INDIA. MW 6.9

    (WCMT), 6.9 (UCMT). ME 7.7 (GS).

    At least 94 people killed, several
    injured and 5,000 displaced and several thousand buildings and many
    roads and bridges destroyed or damaged in the Sikkim- Bihar-West Bengal
    area; 6 people killed and 25 injured and at least 4,300 buildings
    destroyed or damaged in Bhojpur, Ilam, Panchthar and Sankhuwasabha,
    Nepal; 7 people killed and 136 injured in Tibet, China; 1 person killed
    and 16 injured and at least 6,000 buildings damaged in the Paro-Thimphu
    region, Bhutan; minor damage to several buildings in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    Total economic loss in India estimated at 22.3 billion US dollars.
    Electricity, telecommunications and water supplies disrupted and
    landslides and mudslides occurred in Sikkim, India, eastern Nepal and
    the Paro-Thimphu region, Bhutan. Felt (VII) at Gangtok and Shiliguri;
    (VI) at Jalpaiguri; (V) at Bandel, Baranagar, Barddhaman, Koch Bihar,
    Darjiling, Dispur and Guwahati; (IV) at Barakpur, Calcutta, Dhanbad,
    Durgapur, Haora, Iranagar, Muzaffarpur, Nagaon, Patna, Ranchi, Shillong
    and Tura; (III) at Delhi, Dam Dam, Faizabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Jaipur,
    Kharagpur, Lucknow, Noida, Rurki and Silchar; (II) at Agartala and
    Jamshedpur, India. Felt northwest to Chandigarh, southwest to Bhopal,
    south to Bhubaneshwar and east to Nahorkatiya. Felt (VI) at Damak, (V)
    at Biratnagar, Dhulikhel, Kathmandu and Pokhara, (IV) at Bhaktapur,
    Bharatpur, Patan and Tansen and (III) at Kirtipur, Nepal; (VI) at
    Thimphu and (V) at Paro, Bhutan; (V) at Lhasa, China; (IV) at Barguna,
    Chittagong, Dhaka, Rajshahi and Sylhet, Bangladesh. Felt in much of
    Bangladesh, Bhutan and eastern Nepal.
    Broadband Source Parameters (GS):
    Dep 50 km; Radiated energy 9.0*10**15 Nm. Centroid, Moment Tensor
    (UCMT): Centroid origin time 12:41:18.1; Lat 28.05 N; Lon 88.16 E; Dep
    35.0 km; Principal axes (scale 10**19 Nm): (T) Val=2.93, Plg=8, Azm=84;
    (N) Val=-0.48, Plg=78, Azm=309; (P) Val=-2.45, Plg=8, Azm=175; Best
    double couple: Mo=2.7*10**19 Nm; NP1: Strike=220, Dip=78, Slip=0; NP2:
    Strike=130, Dip=90, Slip=168. Centroid, Moment Tensor (WCMT): Centroid
    origin time 12:40:48.0; Lat 27.53 N; Lon 87.97 E; Dep 60.0 km; Principal
    axes (scale 10**19 Nm): (T) Val=2.69, Plg=7, Azm=81; (N) Val=-0.51,
    Plg=74, Azm=321; (P) Val=-2.19, Plg=13, Azm=173; Best double couple:
    Mo=2.5*10**19 Nm; NP1: Strike=217, Dip=75, Slip=-4; NP2: Strike=308,
    Dip=86, Slip=-164.
    131157.2 27.446N 88.391E 20 4.8 B 0.5 168 13 SIKKIM, INDIA
    135418.3 27.377N 88.266E 20 4.6 A 1.0 167 22 SIKKIM, INDIA
    183226.0 37.863N 141.414E 56 5.1 A 0.8 139 194 NEAR E COAST HONSHU, JAPAN
    183523.9 10.574S 161.402E 66 5.2 A 0.9 56 91 SOLOMON ISLANDS
    191913.5& 45.578N 75.213W 13 3.9 41 ONTARIO-QUEBEC BORDER
    REGION, CANADA. <OTT>. mblg 4.1 (OTT). ML 4.0 (PAL). Felt (IV) at
    Bourget and Rockland; (III) at Alexandria, Alfred, Casselman, Embrun,
    Kemptville, Osgoode and Winchester; (II) at Cornwall, Hawkesbury,
    Kanata, Metcalfe and Ottawa, Ontario. Felt (III) at Buckingham and
    Papineauville; (II) at Montreal, Rigaud and Saint-Jerome, Quebec. Felt
    widely in southeastern Ontario and southern Quebec. Felt (III) at Malone
    and Norfolk; (II) at Canton, Lake Placid, Madrid, Massena, Ogdensburg
    and Potsdam, New York. Felt widely in northeastern New York and in parts
    of Vermont.
    230918.1 2.155S 125.058E 5 5.3 A 1.1 68 61 KEPULAUAN SULA, INDONESIA
    golden co usa 2011 SEP 25 11:24

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    9/18/2011 Original News report

    The quake, with a preliminary magnitude of 6.9, struck at 6:10 p.m. Sunday local time. The epicenter was in India's Sikkam state near the border with Nepal, and shaking was felt across northern and eastern India, including in the capital of New Delhi. It triggered at least two aftershocks of magnitude 6.1 and 5.3, Indian seismology official R.S. Dattatreyan said. He warned more aftershocks were possible.

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