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Thread: Black and White Photos

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    Black and White Photos

    I've got some new plugins for my photo editing software, recently moved up to Aperture. Found some pictures from a holiday to the Lake District in 2006 to play with. I'd quite forgotten about them. I might have over processed them somewhat but it was fun seeing how everything worked.

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    I have seen sculptors sit on their materials for years sometimes before they start cracking away at it. Old photos can start the ball rolling the same I guess. For me, it's sometimes like wood or canvases are saying to me, "Nope, you're not quite ready yet." then later it's "NOW! HURRY UP!" hahaha. Same thing happened with my son being born.

    Your camera eye passing through the computer is always inspiring. You live in and/or visit some unbelievably beautiful places, F-P. I like how you experiment with it all. Keeps the creative spirit alive.

    Nice photos, both batches BW & Color. I must confess I have a special place of appreciation for the sort of golden pastoral ones you posted a couple years back with the rainbows. And I eagerly await any pics that you choose to post.

    Well done.
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    Great photos, very contrasty - love the Lake district as well. You've inspired me to have a look through my old holiday pics!
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    very artistic photos. my favorites are nos 3 and 4... the two pictures with trees in the morning fog... hauntingly beautiful.

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