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Thread: Dual monitor setup - Artrage on secondary?

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    Dual monitor setup - Artrage on secondary?

    I have a dual monitor setup and I'm trying to just use Artrage on my secondary monitor. I don't want the secondary monitor on all the time (it's a Cintiq), but when it's on that's obviously where I want to be painting. I can't seem to figure out how to move Artrage over there. Artrage always starts up on the main

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    You should just be able to drag ArtRage over to the second monitor. If you can't see the window titlebar you may have set the product to run in full screen mode, turn that off using the button on the menu bar then you can drag it over. If that monitor isn't attached and you start up ArtRage the product will switch to the first monitor to make sure it's visible.

    If you have any more problems please let me know which operating system and version of ArtRage you are using and I should be able to help.
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    That worked!

    I had it in fullscreen mode. My bad. Thanks for the help.

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