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Thread: Please release ArtRage for Android tablets!

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    Thumbs up Please release ArtRage for Android tablets!

    I'm a long time user/rabid fan of ArtRage 2 and ArtRage Studio, and to me, there is nothing more I want than for you to offer ArtRage Studio for all of your Android tablet toting fans!

    The painting/drawing apps offered on the Android Market, for tablets, is super slim, with Sketchbook Pro being the only viable solution. But what would make my year would be to enjoy the awesomely creative world of ArtRage, on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Please tell me you are at least considering it, but more I hope that you actually have plans to release it on Android?

    The Android platform has an immense wealth of potential customers, that I know would gobble up the amazing program that is ArtRage. Please, please, please release it for tablets on the Android Market!

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    I'd like to second DrPiranha.

    There are now a number of Android tablets with pressure-sensitive styluses. The combination of a light weight tablet, a pressure-sensitive stylus, and ArtRage Studio would be, dare I say it, magical.

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    I saw this as I looked for a new laptop and the option of the digitizer pen made me log back on to see if artrage for android had been released. I am now sad.....

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    So many Android tablets now have active digitizers, the latest of which is the hybrid tablet/phone from Samsung the Galaxy Note. This has an actual Wacom digitizer; with so many Android devices with active digitizers, it would make sense for Artrage when it does come out for Android, to have support for the digitizers available.

    I'm looking to get the Galaxy Note, I already have the HTC flyer and would really love to have a copy of artrage for either device.
    Here's hoping the Artrage team will make us all happy very soon.

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    Yep, I'd love artrage to be available for android.

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    Same. I am huge fan of ArtRage and use it heavily on my iPad. Now I want this app on my Samsung Galaxy Note!!!

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