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Thread: digitizer bamboo or Cintiq?

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    Question digitizer bamboo or Cintiq?

    I am using wacom bamboo but recently I want to buy a cintiq. Since I cannot afford a new model so that I want to try a used one. Recently I found some model selling in tabletswacom
    Is it OK to buy a used tablet?

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    bamboo or cintiq

    I bet there will be lots of cintiq 21 in the second hand market because of the new cintiq 24HD. Cintiq 21 has serius problems with color calibration and the gamut of the panel is poor. However, painting is much more easy than in a standard tablet. You can use a good second monitor to check colors. Cintiq 24 HD is 97% of RGB, at least on the paper, so is the perfect very, very expesive solution.

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