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    Question Brush tips

    I am trying Artrage demo for my Macbook OSX 10.6.4 intel dual core and I love it. But I can't seem to get any brush tips. All I get is an out of control oval on both oil brushes and watercolor brushes. Is this because of the "Demo" or am I missing something to activate simulated brush tips? Also my brushes often leave a gloop of paint at the tail end of a stroke...are my brushes overloaded?

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    Welcome to the forums! I've sent you an email regarding changing the tool cursors, but you can change the cursor type under Edit -> Preferences -> Cursors. Let me know if that isn't what you're looking for, I wasn't 100% sure what you were referring to regarding simulated brush tips. The current cursor you're using is the 'outline' cursor. This indicates the size and orientation of your brush and will always be perpendicular to your stroke direction. As you move your stylus around, the cursor will orient itself to show this.

    Could you possibly send me a screenshot of what you're seeing at the end of the stroke, together with information on what make and model of tablet you're using to I should be able to help once I know a little more.
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