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Thread: Problem with AR studio Pro 3.53 Windows

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    Problem with AR studio Pro 3.53 Windows

    I stumbled upon an issue that appeared recently:

    1)choose Adjust Layer Colors (ctrl-J) for a layer with paint in it.
    2)make an adjustment, like Brightness
    3)use an art tool, such as a watercolor brush, and choose a color from the picker
    4)tinting artifacts are left behind within the image of the adjusted area as the cursor moves over it. (you don't need to actually apply pen pressure)

    I used the Previous Version function in Windows 7 to roll back to AR Studio Pro 3.52 and the problem disappeared.

    Perhaps this is related to an earlier post I saw entitled "Artifacts?"

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    Thank you for the details, I've just managed to reproduce the same problem here. At step 3 I've found that you can keep the same tool, but change the colour in the picker and drag your cursor back and forth over the area to also see the same artifact.

    In the meantime, if you save a copy of your work, then restart ArtRage and reopen the painting, the artifacts should be removed.

    We're currently looking into it and will address it in an update. I suspect you're correct about the other post relating to watercolor artifacts too.

    UPDATE: an easier workaround appears to be:

    1/ Edit -> Adjust layer colours
    2/ Don't change anything, just click OK
    -The artifacts should disappear.
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    Hi, Dave: I was about to share exactly the solution you just posted in your update. Glad to know you arrived to same conclusion as this means we'll have a fix.
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