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Thread: Disappearing cursor

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    Disappearing cursor

    Hi Everyone,

    New here. And new to Artrage. I'm having a small problem losing my cursor. I'm working on a 27 inch MAC screen and the thin cross hairs disappear for me. Is there a way to make the cursor darker or fatter so I can see it when it's at rest?


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    Welcome to the ArtRage Forums bfmcmillen,

    You can change a few options for the cursor by going to "Edit > ArtRage Preferences". On the panel that opens, you'll find an option for "Cursors". Clicking on it, will open up the set of options that you may change for it. It sounds as though you're currently using the Precise Cursor option. If you'd like to keep that cursor, but have it a little large/bolder, check mark the "Magnify Precise Cursor" option. Or you may opt to use one of the other cursor options, like "Outline" that creates a marker the size of the brush you're using, or "Tool", which uses an actual image of the tool you've selected (so if you're using the Oil Brush tool, you'll see a paint brush for a cursor).

    You may also opt to set up hot keys for these features, by going to "Edit > Set Keyboard Shortcuts". I have the 1 key set for precise, 2 set for Outline, and 3 set for Tool. Pressing 4 toggles the Magnify Precise Cursor option.
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    I'm so glad to meet Someonesane Really appreciate your help. I'm using Artrage Studio Pro. Found it, thanks! Just what I needed.
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