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    I am using a desktop pc running windows 7 to do artrage,but am tired of having to go into another room when i need to paint.
    having seen an apple ipad , i thought it was a bit expensive for what i require.
    can anyone tell me of any cheaper portable pads that i could use for painting using artrage.

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    Maybe a couple options:

    1) A used iPad
    2) a cheap, used, old tablet PC, but this would likely still be similar in price to an iPad


    3) Pencil, paper and a scanner?

    Other than that I don't think I've seen anything.

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    I would suggest a google search for: Used Ipads

    Please be careful when buying online...check out the sellers/company first.
    There are many rip-off sites out there. do so at your own risk.

    This is one site but it is in China/ $70 + shipping ipad2 64GB

    Hope this helps

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