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Thread: Problem with promo-code for upgrade.

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    Problem with promo-code for upgrade.

    Recently I got an email that said I could upgrade to Artrage Studio 3.5 for 15.00 dollars (instead of the normal 40.00).

    It says in the email that the deadline is September 13th.
    Today I tried to upgrade and after adding the quantity in the cart to 1, it says that the promo code has expired.

    So was the 13th a typo or something? Because by my count, I still had 2 days to do this.

    Any ideas?

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    Sorry for the inconvenience. The online store is currently having a problem with the discount coupons. They're looking into this for us now, but if you can email me at and let me know your current promo code, I can replace it for you right away.
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