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Thread: Pen settings for India Ink brush work and textural effects??

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    Im not sure I understand you. Could you explain exactly what is the difference?
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    Well, the simple WC stroke you made there is very dense, but almost never the way it turns out when you paint with the WC's-- this is readily seen in your first example, where there's a great deal of grey mixed in as the transparent watercolors move about. The WC's almost always have a nice dark rim of color, and paler color in the center- they aren't truly opaque. Also, there are no bristles on the WC brush, whereas there are on the the ends of the Oil Brush- which I can see in your example pic above.

    Does that make more sense?? I know it's relatively subtle, but I think it makes a major difference in actually making it look "right".

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    If you want it completely opaque, try setting Thinners to 0% (as LightF mentioned) and also turn on Insta-Dry.
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    Huzzah! You guys are awesome.

    Yes, that last bit with the Intsa-Dry on and Thinners at 0% did the trick! I've tried painting with Thinners at 0% in the past, but even then, there's still a bit of transparency to the paint. I'd never recognized why, but it's because it's still "wet".


    Now, the next question is what kind of textures are people using to go with this setting? What I'd like to try and achieve is that "bristly" effect you get when the brush is drying out, etc. The WC brush gives you paper texture, but bristles don't drag. Has anyone used any layer textures that have been particularly fruitful with this setting?

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    I just added some of my presets in art supplies. Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LightF View Post
    I do not know if this is what you want.

    Watercolor tool selected, watercolor paper, black color.
    pressure 75%
    thinners 10%
    loading 97%
    Color bleed 71%
    Paper wet off
    insta-dry off

    If you want dry effects:

    Reduce loading (75% for example)

    If you want Ink wash painting add thinners, and for opaque black, thinners =0
    beautiful preset, thank you very much, LightF

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