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Thread: New Wacom .. Inkling

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    New Wacom .. Inkling

    I may get one of these...

    Looks great.

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    I saw this the other day when I purchased my Intuos4. It definitely looks interesting. It would save a few steps in ArtRage by eliminating the need to scan your real world sketches.

    I nominate you to purchase one and report back with a great review!


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    What a pitty

    Quote Originally Posted by mikejl View Post
    I may get one of these...

    Looks great.
    What a pitty!

    A Danish company had such a product more than 10 years ago, but
    did not get started because no one wanted to distribute their product
    in other countries. So it died.
    Kunst muss nicht immer kompliziert sein!

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    Thanks for the link to the video clip.

    Did you notice the ink seemed quite free flowing in the clip, more like a .5 or .7 liquid roller-ball rather than a standard ballpoint pen I was expecting.
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    I'm certainly more interested now that I've seen it in action. I was wondering what the pen would move like. It seems pretty fluid. The website that video is on, says that they'll be giving a real artist review soon as the little thing comes out.

    When I find more tidbit's I'll post em out here.

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