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    Lightbulb I would like to see

    I would really love to see a Version of artrage for my Google Tablet that I just bought. I went with that as it doesn't have so many Limitations and Stupid quirks that Apple has programmed into the Ipad like giving a USB cable to charge it with but if you plug it in to the computer it wont charge. They gave you a Normal electical socket plug addapter for charging. That is Stupid if you ask me along with numerous other stupid Quirks like that one.

    Google doesn't seem to have a problem being compatible with the rest of the world like Apple always has.

    This is the model of Google Tablet I purchased.
    MID 70003 Google Android 7"

    Why should those who have been long standing customers of Artrage be punished because they don't like the Apple products and for the choice of going with a competitors product.

    Please Support your Customers who love there freedom and choose not to give that up by letting Apple or any other company say you can only download things thought the Itunes/apple store and do things our way or you don't do it at all.

    I see apple as an infringement of my freedoms and so I would love to continue to use Artrage products even if I'm not at home on my Tower PC but on the go with my Google Tablet.

    Ipad isn't the only tablet out there and thus isn't the only thing that needs to be catered to when it comes to program design, Fact if you think about it if you make a generic Tablet program it will give you more versatility and reach more customers do to the lack of limitations held on all the customers of the tablet. Versitility means you reach people like me (and not just the Social Lemmings)and I'm not the only one who sees Apple as being a Control Freak company who likes to be Dictator over what you do on the devices they make.

    That is my suggestions. Hope to see something soon along that line.

    Thanks so much
    FaithSilverwolf Customer since Artrage was Free.
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