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Thread: Webdesigners help

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    Webdesigners help


    Nice site design. Okay, I need your advice.
    So, I wanna make online-shop, and I am looking for site template.
    Can you advice some online catalog or other resource where I can find many site templates?

    It would be better if it will be free
    I think many of us have personal sites, do you design it yourself?

    Regards, Bill.

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    Welcome in here...

    You wanna make a online shop.... Well good luck!
    I build my website with the xoops system
    a very good configurable (installing deleting module, in your chase a shop modul) system! It's free so give it a try!


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    Your web host likely has customer support forums. You will likely get better responses there in terms of which systems work best with your host's environment.

    Zen Cart, an off-shoot of the popular OSCommerce, is a good choice for a shopping cart. Cube Cart is good too, but if you don't want to a pay for a license you have to have to keep their branding somewhere on the site (I think).

    You can find free templates for the shopping cart system you end up choosing.

    As for general site templates, a Google search will yield plenty of results, but try:

    Hope that helps.

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