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Thread: BUG : Ink smoothing breaks when using rubber tip of WACOM

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    BUG : Ink smoothing breaks when using rubber tip of WACOM

    I use and old WACOM tablet and have found with the latest update that ink smoothing breaks when I flip the stylus over to use the erase tool. After using the rubber end of the stylus, the pen tool draws what I draw, then overlays the smoothed version but does not erase the original line. If I press Ctrl-Z, the smoothed line is erased but the original line is kept, except bits where it overlapped. This old line data is part of the image and not just a graphical glitch. There is no fault with the pen tool if I use the rubber tool and don't flip the stylus. If I create a new painting, the pen tool reverts to correct operation.

    Edit: I see in another post this is a known bug with an urgent fix on the way, so no worries.

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    actually in 3.5.2 I don't see anymore the problem I had at first like you.

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    3.5.3 has been uploaded and that resolves the problem. We've been caught up in managing our current sale so I haven't had a chance to announce it yet
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