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Thread: finger pinch brush size adjustments

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    finger pinch brush size adjustments

    In my opinion this is a great app but it is such a waste of time to have to go back and change the brush size all the time.I am new to the i pad and have only worked on wacom tablets were i feel that if i use a brush with multiply were you can develop all the major shapes and values of an image then quickly make the brush smaller then go in create your edges pull back ect.

    Maybe there should be a small pop up were you can finger pinch an area that will adjust the brush or maybe a slider like the wacom tablet has rather then click the little button in the corner make the size then realize its not correct ect. maybe even a permanent brush size adjustment like the palette.

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    Hi there,

    Use three fingers to drag up and down on the canvas to change the brush size (with a preview of the new size). You can find more info on shortcuts in the Quick Reference guide (tap the ? button).
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    You guys are even better then i thought thanks for taken the time to explain that to me.

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