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Thread: my last work

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    my last work

    its some time ago that I was on the forum. In the time passed, it was a turbulent period with more downs than ups. Since some time it goes more down than up.
    I lost allot of friend and family. also lost the courage to paint what I really wanted. my mind is blank without a positive view of future
    allot of ideas but didn't know how to realized the things like I had them in my head. for some time I wanted the people in the world explaining what is wrong with me but only a few people saw what was going wrong, but didn't know how to react in the situation where I'm to.
    My illness is one that there is not a cure for it, so looking at the future only making me more sad knowing that it is only going worst.
    well people, I know I always tried to do the best for everybody, always ready to help other people. I always worked for free because money don't count for me. the only (little) thing I ask t was a little respect for who I was, what I did and what I created.
    so yesterday I created my last work ever
    I hope you can enjoy the last work I Finished
    sorry for the negative vibes but its the only thing that spooks though my head for the last months
    A Big thanks for the people who wanted to be a friend!

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    Thanks for everything and to the Artrage team > keep going
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    Praying for you! Peace be with you!
    Blessings Forever,

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    Don't give up GoukkouJin. I know you have been through so much pain. I wish we all could visit you and help care for you. I too will have you in my prayers and I do hope that you can hold on once more to paint again.

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    I admire your works. Please don't give up. So many friends are here with you. You are in my thought

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    I haven't been on the forums for a while , and your post caught my attention. Never give up hope ! My thoughts are with you. Wishing you well.
    You can see more of my work at
    See you space cowboy..........

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    so touching works! that makes us say wow that realy had an effect on us

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    I don't know you, and I am fairly new here on Artrage, Your art is so passionate and beautiful !! i must tell you I am also living with an incurable disease, which I take lots of meds for, I am tired all the time, I have Aids but I am Living my life to the fullest. Please , Please don't give up on life,and don't do anything to hurt yourself. I know you are sad, but God has the last say so. I am currently undetectable and have high t-cells which is great news for me. I am not having a pity party.I want to experience as much of life as I can, bad things happen to good people." It's not over till the fat lady sings" You are in my prayers.
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    If your finding it hard to get inspiration from looking to the future how about looking back at all the good things that you have done and how many good times you have had. draw from those good vibes it may help you feel better.
    Take care
    Treat Others as you wish to be treated

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    GoukkouJin...I am fairly new to this forum so I reviewed your most excellent work.... I too send my prayers and concerns that you find your way back to the simple joy of life and painting.. Manafig is right if you can't see into the future take this moment and remember the joy and pleasures... as you can see there are many here that are still your friends...

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    Yes, we are all with you here in Artrage, GekkouJin so, whenever possible, come back to us again. Your work is outstandingly beautiful, giving joy to every good heart, so try to find the reason and inspiration in such a good thing. God bless you and keep you.

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