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    Ok, I am using artrage for a long periode of time. From time to time i need to write something to the picture. But it is a headache.

    * It is no possibility to "Quick select" a font I need
    * Sometimes it has a sort of Bug (like, when you move -text- , it transform to invisible text,
    or it duplicate itself (and that duplicated mess can not be changed. Only way is to delete layer.)

    I have some suggestions for Text/fonts in artrage.

    • It will be nice, to have at least some option to "Quick search" for a font. You know this picture very well //Figure 1//
      (for some reasons is not possible for me make an image appear in this forum, therefore I must use atachment /and that "figure things stuff/)
      The point is, that if you have too many fonts in your computer installed, it is hard to select that font you want. (because it is so slow)
      Something like a this should help.: //Figure 2//

    • Or a Text pod will be better (like a stencils pod), with standards settings. //[COLOR="Red"]Figure 3/COLOR]//

    • Or you can inspire from another program - Photo Filtre - where is writing a
      text like a heaven.: //Figure 4//

    Text editing in artrage must be changed. Just think about it, ok ? ^^ it is only my little suggestion for you, how to make artrage even better.

    --btw.: still in english training ^^ therefore sorry for misspellings.
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