Hi everybody! I'm back still trying to nurse my health but always struggling to come back to the Forum as much and as long as my health allows me to sit in front of my pc or anywhere for that matter.

I have a great suggestion! Has anybody else ever suggested a live blog to this ArtRage website? Or maybe on a different website related to Artrage. Wouldn't it be great? You have a prob and log in and there are your friends willing to be of help on the spot. I know I have and had in the past, problems that I solved after experimenting this or that which I pass on through the Forum. But what about the problem of the moment? Wouldn't it be nice if I found someone there to help me solve it right away? Then, if it can't be solved, suggestions would go to present the problem TO THE FORUM. Maybe that would also relieve the Forum a little.

Just a suggestion. I have a problem with my ArtRage stencils right this moment that I would like solved but unfortunately I must wait.

Thanks to you all for listening or in this case, reading about my new idea.