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    Question illustrating for print

    Hi guys,

    Just installed Studio Pro - wow, it's a remarkable product. But it'd be a bit more 'pro' from a print designer's persepective if there could be a setting to limit it to print-safe colours.

    Even home users would appreciate this feature (although they might not know it) as their printers are limited to CMYK and there must be furrowed brows in front of many an inkjet.

    If that's too hard, could you please at least offer a CMYK picker to keep it relatively correct? No point painting beautiful aquas, limes, and oranges for my kids' book if I'll only ever be able to publish it as an eBook!

    For this to be a genuinely professional resource I need to work with the sad, muddy oranges and greens that I'm actually going to get in the finished result.

    That said, thanks for my fun new toy! Next stop, an Asus Ep121 or similar for doodling...


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    bypassing rgb?

    hi, Dany51 posted a CYMK color wheel here:

    but if i understand this color issues right, then mixing these colors can result in colors not safe for cymk. but you can try i guess.

    secondly, there is a plug-in for the software gimp, its called seperate+. this plug-in generates a cymk-tif file. so simply load your work in to the gimp and convert it in to a cmyk file. but attention, even the gimp cant handle cmyk colors nativly (like artrage), seperate+ is just a plug-in to convert your picture file.


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