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Thread: IPad stylus for sketching

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    IPad stylus for sketching

    To anyone out there that has some experience with an iPad stylus for sketching. I've just begun using the iPad for sketching and painting with Artrage and Sketchbook Pro. I wanted a more control so I purchased aTargus 2-in-1 stylus and a Nomad Brush. I've found the brush earning a learning experience, and not as responsive as I'd hoped (I have the long bristle model). I find that the stylus has, within two days of use, become very grabby and creates an awful lot of drag on the screen, which makes it difficult to move in a more free manner. I can't imagine using it to take notes, or write on the screen. Does anyone have any experience with this? And has anyone found a stylus that has the same sort of slickness on the screen as the naked finger does? I've seen great reviews on many styli, but if they all drag like this as a result of the silicone tip I'll stick with my finger and adjust to the inaccuracy and the inability to see my point of contact precisely. Thanks for your time.

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    Hey there,

    I am using a Just Mobile AluPen and it 's working perfectly. It's not like Pogo stylus that uses a cheap foam tip which gets damaged easily. It costs a lot more as well but cheaper than a Wacom bamboo stylus with the same technology. I've been using mine for 2 month and it's still like new!

    I wouldn't suggest buying a Wacom bamboo stylus because it has a smaller tip and, you know, iPad needs a bit of of touching area. People are saying Wacom stylus doesn't respond well because of the small tip- you really need to press it harder to get it work.

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    I use a targus for my ipad, it's pretty good for me, it reminds me of drawing with a oil pastel crayon. Instead of a square end, it's rounded and rubbery kinda like an eraser feel. I can't seem to get a lot of tiny details out of it (like I can with my bamboo on the pc), but it does good enough. This targus doesn't have any 2-in-1 things to it. Just plain old Targus and it was like 15 bucks.

    Hopefully the link works, the only complaint I have is that it's a bit stubby feeling like a short pencil, but I have gotten used to it.

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    Iíve worked my way through numerous iPad styli, including several Pogo Sketches (flimsy little buggers), but found ultimately that the Targus stylus was the best all-rounder.

    Having said that, I donít actually use a Targus anymore. I have instead bought several of these:
    which Iíve found to be practically identical to the Targus, but at less than $2.50 each (including shipping).

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    How lovely! I will keep that in mind if something happens to my targus!

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    Pogo and Wacom

    I have used the Pogo stylus since getting my iPad. It's really nice. Thin, and light, but difficult to be accurate. I think it's really mean for pressing buttons, not drawing. I never know where the "point" is going to land, on the side, in the middle, underneath the stylus. All these locations are possible.

    I like it but I'm probably going to upgrade to the Wacom iPad Stylus. In all the reviews I've read it has come out on top. The only problem is that it's super popular and has been sold out for the last couple months. They wouldn't even let you pre-order. That's how swamped they are.

    The Wacom is rubber, like the Targus... I think. I wonder if I will be upset by how big it is. Aparently, it's the size of a sharpie, or bigger... dunno.

    I'll let you know when/if I get one.

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    iFaraday Artist Stylus

    You guys should check out the iFaraday Artist Stylus firm domed edition which uses a capacitive fabric tip to register strokes on the screen. The stylus is $15.00, comes in different colors, is 6 inches long and comes in either a standard or firm tip edition. I have the firm tip edition and it works better than I ever expected. The fabric tip glides across the screen and requires little pressure to register a stroke on the screen. I would recomend covering the part of the aluminum shaft near the fabric tip with a rubber grip because there isn't much room between the tip and the aluminum shaft. The tip only allows for about 35 degrees of tilt and I would have scratched my screen one time while I was drawing if I hadn't put a rubber grip on it prior to drawing.
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    Thanks to all of your for responding to my post. I've fond the Targus stylus to be almost unusable for my purposes. Just ordered the iFaraday and am looking forward to using it.


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    that ifaraday one looks like a good solution.
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    It's been a week, and so far so good with a BoxWave stylus. Has a rubber tip, but isn't grabby. A lot of the time I use my finger, but do have more control with the stylus when it's needed.


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