Hi all you Ragers!

Welcome to the ArtRageUS Magazine. This is a rager made magazine for and by the ragers. All Ragers can submit art, articles and stories for inclusion each month as they desire.

You can make your own PDF pages or send me the material and I will put it together for you. Text= please use notepad,

How to submit to the Ragers Artist Portal and Ipad Portal Gallery sections and any stories or articles.

We will no longer sort through all the galleries for AP paintings.

We have decided to change the way we obtain Ragers art for the Artist Portal. The reason? This current method has become somewhat too confusing and is not updated monthly, also many ragers have signed up many times and some galleries are non existent or empty. As this is time consuming a new method is needed.

Effective Immediately:

We will be accepting your Rager (ArtRage art) submissions at anytime monthly. Please only 1 painting monthly per artist.

Email your material
for the month to [email protected]
NOTE: We work 1 month ahead in pre-publishing.

Simply email me and attach your artwork story or article:
Subject: RE: Artist Portal or ipad AP or article
Attach the painting/ story/article
title + Your ScreenName =(Capitol letters).jpg
ie; BlueboyBOBBYRAY.jpg

That's it, simple and quick. It will be in the next possible Issue.

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to your involvement
Bobbyray and the volunteers at ArtRageUs e-magazine Thank you!