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    Was looking at one of the tutorials for drawing mountains. As I started through it, I decided to put some of my own variations to it and see what I could come up with.
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    I am trying to learn to draw and would like some feedback. I have added my second attempt at a tutorial for creating mountains. I did not do the tutorial exactly as shown but attempted to add my own twist to it.

    One piece of feedback I got (about the newest image) is that the mountains in the foreground are too tall compared to those in the background.

    Like to know what you think (about that or any other aspect of the drawing) as I am trying to learn to draw and certainly need some pointers.

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    First of all, mountain ranges rarely come in just a combination of two. To make it really interesting, use separate layers and make three or four. Adjust the opacity on each layer so that as the distance increases, they are less visible.

    It will look more realistic if each background range is partially hidden behind the other one.

    I would also suggest that you reduce the number of points on the mountains. They rarely look that way. Mountains are worn down by the forces of nature, and their tips are often rounded, or jagged.

    You might also try and add more shadows (darker) to give a better feeling of depth.

    You are off to a good start. Just need to keep trying new ideas.

    Hope you find these ideas helpful.
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    Exactly the type of feedback I have been looking for.

    I took the color ideas from the tutorial I looked at and agree about the colors. I also have been trying to learn how to use the pallet knife to soften lines and achieve some blending. I did a third version but I think you would see the same type of problems you mention. I will work on a 4th version and try to address some of the issues you mention.

    Again, thanks a bunch for the feedback. The only way I can learn is to try, and then let more accomplished people like you point out how to improve.

    I did do a tutorial that mannafig posted and was actually surprised at how it turned out (obviously not as good as hers - but you have to start somewhere).

    I have several drawings in my personal gallery and you could probably have a field day looking at some of those

    One of the real things I would love to be able to do is

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    You're off to a good start! And this forum is a great place to get advice, critiques, and sometimes just some good company or a shoulder to lean on. Keep us posted; I am interested in seeing how you progress.

    One thing that I like to do is a carry a small notebook and pencil in my pocket. Whenever I have a free moment (sitting at the park, sitting in traffic, waiting at restaurants, etc.), I like to pull it out and doodle or sketch whatever is around me. That's a good way to practice and develop an artistic eye. Barnburner pretty much nailed it with his advice, so I won't try to expand on that. Hope that helps!

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