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Thread: Problem with Exporting an ArtRage file

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    Question Problem with Exporting an ArtRage file

    I can't seem to export an ArtRage file into a PNJ file because there wasn't 'enough memory', but I checked my PC memory and it states that there is still at least 17MB memory that is usable. What should I do?

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    I don't know what to do about the memory thing, other then to suggest you close down any other programs that may be using up a chunk of the memory, to free up some more space there. If you haven't already saved the painting, it may be good idea to try that, then close and reopen the program, to see if that does anything. If you have a lot of layers, you may want to try merging them first (one at a time, if need be), then exporting.

    How large is your file in dimension and resolution?

    Just a note for future posts, this sort question would best be suited for the Technical section of the forums. No big deal, though. One of AR team will likely slide it over there later.
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    If you could also let us know which version of ArtRage you're using as well as which operating system, that could be useful in understanding the problem.

    Let us know when you can, as well as the answers to the questions in Someonesane's post ( painting size and number of layers ) and we should be able to advise.

    ( moved this to the technical forum )
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