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Thread: Cannot import psd

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    Cannot import psd

    First time using ArtRage and I think that it is pretty cool. I usually am a Painter user, but I feel that ArtRage has a more user friendly interface. Especially when it comes to art materials such as brushes.

    Ookay, now to the problem. I cannot seem to get my PSD files to import. When Ido ArtRage tells me that the file fomat that I am trying to load is not supported.
    Am I doing something wrong in regards to file prep.

    Also I cannot get JPEGs to import correctly. When they do come in they are misshapen and only partially there.


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    Hi there, welcome to the forums. A couple of ideas - make sure that you are using RGB PDs, rather than CMYK. ArtRage supports 8-bit per channel PSDs, probably not the problem, but worth mentioning.

    I haven't seen this problem with jpeg files before. Are you perhaps importing them from a camera? I'm wondering if there's something unusual about the files which may not have been taken into account. It sounds like you're using the import function for both which is definitely the right away to go about it, rather than trying to directly open the files.

    Get in touch with me at and let me know your operating system and version, basic computer specs if you can. If you can send me a screenshot of the jpg result and one of the jpg files you're having problems with as well as the PSD this will help us to check it out for you.
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