Color calibration has always been lacking on the iPad. This is especially frustrating when painting. I ofter have to readjust my Artrage projects on the desktop just so they look closer to what I thought I was painting.

I have an idea as to how to solve this. Why not use the iPads built in cameras to adjust the screen temperature, or if thats impossible the apps color pallet. From the two cameras you could sample brightness and color temp both behind the screen and in front of it. In my head I imagine Artrage being able to recognize and compensate for different lighting condition. Tungsten, floresent, daylight etc., on the fly. This would be very very helpful.

a spin off of this is that you could use the cameras to generate custom color pallets. Kind of like reference images but more abstract. This way when you go back to your desk to paint you have a color accurate impression of the scene you were painting.