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Thread: Two portraits

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    Two portraits

    Here are two drawings for everyone to provide me with some feedback.

    Both drawings was done in pencil. I used a reference photograph on the first one and the second one was done without any reference. I was trying to get the feel of the use of the tools and trying out shading without using the blur function. I also didn't want to use the cross-hatching that I used with my puffer fish.

    The first one was made to look somewhat Goth, but it was not intended to be that way, I think I over did the eyes and the lips to make then look a bit too dark.

    The second one was an attempt to reduce the focus on the eyes and give the face a little less made up look. I think I could have given the eyes a bit more attention tho. There is not a hint of eyelashes on the lower part of the eyes.

    Any comments or tips on how to improve my drawings would be greatly appreciated.

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    very nice. love the pencil look. maybe some smoother shading around the eyes. like using a blunt. nice drawings.
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