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    Can someone help me understand this message. I have never seen it before, but it pops up now all the time.

    Say I am working on a picture and I save and close artrage, I come back to artrage later and try and open the picture that I just had up it will not open and I get this...

    "Artrage could not construct a file reference for the requested file you may have to restart the application" But restarting doesn't help either.

    Also we always have been able to resize before printing from 72 pixels to it won't let us do that keeps saying "artrage is not responding"

    Would love any advice as to what is going on and how to fix it.

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    The first message means that ArtRage is trying to construct a path to the file location in which you saved and is having a problem accessing it.

    Could you tell me:

    1/ Where you saved the file
    2/ What operating system you're using
    3/ How are you opening the file?
    4/ If you copy the file to a different location e.g. your desktop, then try to open it, do you get the same error message?

    Regarding resizing:

    If you are trying to resize an image to a very large size, this could take a while. If you attempt to access ArtRage while it's busy, Windows may tell you that the application is not responding ( because it's busy working on resizing your image ), but the resize should complete if you give it a few moments.

    If you are trying to resize an image to a size larger than ArtRage can support due to available memory, you may get an error message. Let us know how big the image is by opening the resize panel and posting the dimensions and units e.g. 10 inches x 10 inches as this will help to understand what you're trying to acheive.
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