Hello Paulasabout and welcome to the ArtRage forums
I’m on a Mac but I can’t think of any specific Windows OS reason why you shouldn’t be able to download Juz’s brushes
As the link at the start of this thread is dead, and in case you missed the active link I posted earlier to those brushes, I shall post it again here: https://www.silicongraffiti.com/juz/
Just click on the items you want to download and your browser should ask you what you want to do.
Once downloaded, unzip the file/s.
The Oil Brushes are in a .arpack file. Double-click it to open it and launch ArtRage or from within ArtRage itself, go to File > Install Package File… and navigate to where the your web browser downloaded the file on your system.
Once AR has found the file the Install window will open where you can review the content you wish to add. When ready click the ‘Install’ button bottom right of said window.

As for making your own presets;
Once you have a tool set up the way you want it, to save it as a Preset you can use the default key command; ctrl + Shift + P on Windows to open the 'New Preset' panel which will allow you to save your setting as a new brush for future use.
You can read specifics on doing this on the following webpage: https://www.artrage.com/manuals/gett...s-and-presets/
The information on saving presets is to be found in the last quarter of the page, near the end.
It’s also worth mentioning this page was originally written when v4 of ArtRage was released I think so some images may look different but the actual writer information still applies in the current version AR6.