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Thread: Every color is white... solved!

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    Smile Every color is white... solved!

    Hey there,

    after updating to ArtRage 2.6, everything went fine on my Mac Mini with Snow Leopard. But after a minute, the painting didn't work anymore; I thought. But it turned out, that the color was set to white.
    I can't change it, no matter what color I choose on the right hand side...

    Argh! I found it! - It was the slider on the right side of the color picker. It was set to the top!

    Nevertheless, I place this post. Maybe it helps someone out!

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    Another one that catches me out is if I leave my stylus too close to my tablet, then I wonder why my mouse wont work... doh
    If I were marooned on a desert island, please air drop me a copy of Artrage 5.0! (Plus a laptop and solar panel)

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    my favorite is when I try to paint with the stylus upside down which is actually an eraser.
    or when you don't notice a small area is still selected and nothing will paint outside the selection that you can't even see. ha ha.
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    my favourite is: painting on a layer, not noticing that it has been changed to a "strange" blend mode (of course by some stranger, not by *myself*!) - and wondering why the *tool doesn't work properly*

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