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    Question and help


    I was working on an art interpretation and needed the canvas to be vertical so I turned it to 90 degrees. The problem is that I wanted to upload it hear for critiquing and it is showing up there a way to fix this?

    Blessings and Thanks for the help?

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    Since you've completed the image, you can simply merge all the layers (if you have more then one), then use the expand/ crop canvas feature to increase the height of canvas to match the width (be sure to turn the keep aspect ratio off). With that done, use the transform tool to rotate the image, so that it stands upright (holding shift while rotating, will ensure that the image snaps to perfect 15 degree angles), and fits on the canvas. Once thats done, go to the edit menu and select the select layer contents option, then select crop to selection.
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    or for less work... just open it in an image editor (like XnView) and rotate the image 90 degrees right. takes about ten seconds.
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    As an alternative step, if you didn't want to merge your layers, you could put them into a layer group, then transform group contents.
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