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Thread: Absolute Beginner

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    Absolute Beginner

    OK - I have decided to open myself up for some critique. I am an absolute beginner that has no painting or art background. The only instructions I have ever had were playing the Art Academy game on my Nintedo. It inspired me to purchase a Wacom tablet and ArtRage software to try to learn to draw.

    This post is a "test" for me:
    a. How do I post an image to the forum
    b. You have to start somewhere so I did something just for a starter.

    OK, I have attached 2 images for comments
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    Hey there

    you might read this:

    and there is a min # of posts before you can upload to the forums but I am not sure how many...sorry...ask daveRage...... A Ragers source of info. ArtRageUS magazine and books.

    Hope this helps.

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    You are off to a good start...welcome to the forums...lookin forward to seeing more from you
    Try to see as many angles of vision as single one of us has a "handle" on the whole picture.

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    Obviously I am not the artist that you are. I hope to learn to do stuff like you have in your gallery. I really enjoyed the front of the 57 Chevy and the CocaCola pictures (as well as many others).

    I have a couple of questions for you:

    1. How do you get such clean lines on your drawings? Am I just not as good at drawing or is there some trick that I am missing. I have always ben used to vector tools which makes drawing line a good bit easier.

    2. How do you create your own gallery in the Forums?

    3. Since I do not have any education in drawing, what is the best way to learn? I have retired and want to pursue drawing/painting as a hobby but am kind of struggling to get headed in the right direction. I see things on the Forums that make me drool with envy.

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    Hi there. Apologies for the text wall. You're doing just great. Your two drawings here show good promise and more importantly, you must have fun. If you worry too much about the hows and the why's you'll lose out on the best part of being an artist.


    Everyone does need to learn and the best way is by doing, in my opinion. Everyone learns in a different way though, some folks need to read and apply what they've read, some watch videos and work step by step with it. Other people splash paint around until it looks pretty. You've done a great thing by just getting out here and asking questions. Find what suits you best and go with it. Try different ways till you get the one you like.

    First thing you will want to tackle is deciding on where to start. I would suggest picking a tool or two and work with it until you're comfortable with them and then move onto something new. What tool intrigues you the most? Then look for references, images, old photos, things around your house, or even body parts (eyes, hair, hands, ect) anything that speaks to you.

    Now you have your subject, you'll need pointers, tips, ect. This forum is fantastic for these things. There is also a tutorial book that Bobbyray mentioned in another post that is full of interesting things done by the ragers here. Searching the internet for a type of art you like can also be of help. There are a million and one tutorials and guides out there that can be found for free, just by searching for the topic you want to learn. (i.e. "How to Draw Eyes tutorial" in any search engine should bring up all sorts of results). If you find you need more and are willing to pay for such things, you can find lots of books and things out there too.

    One website I use for a lot of fundamental skills is called . The name is misleading, as the owner does not exclusively draw girls, but he has lots of helpful free (and some not free) tutorials and tips for digital artists that range from beginner to advanced.

    As to your other questions. You've posted things just fine to this post. The gallery is up at the top, in the middle, you'll go there, then go to my stuff, and then that will open to my images on that page you will find an upload. You will upload them there like you've done here.

    Clean lines, I don't think I've ever had a truly clean line in my whole life. The eraser and layers are your friend! Your two images are a great start, practice practice practice and have fun fun fun!

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    OK- You and some others have gotten me to "expose myself". I just uploaded all of my drawings with AR todate t the gallery. Not sure how to add a link to them.

    Please review and after you finish laughing (its OK, I can take it) give me some honest feedback. I looked at your gallery and am truly humbled. I do not have the artistic capabilities of people like you but I am hoping I can improve give some time. I enjoy trying but sometimes get frustrated because I can not get on the canvas what I see in my mind.

    I will look for Bobbyray's book. I really appreciate the feedback.

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    After looking at your gallery, I have to say your basic drawing skills are better than most beginners. Getting comfortable with the tools is just a matter of using them. Practice and keep posting, (Perhaps to the Gallery thread. It gets a lot of traffic.) The feedback you'll get will help.

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    Learn How To Draw Top 20 Drawing Tips For Beginners :Art Instruction For Beginners Art Instruction Blog

    Free Art Instruction - Lessons & Tips For Beginners

    Paint up a Storm: Handy Advice for The Beginner Artist

    Art Tips and Articles

    These are just four things I found in a quick search that may be of use. Doc is right, you will find that you will get more feedback in the gallery section of this forum which is different from the my gallery that your stuff is in. For some reason the word "critique" is a bit scary to folks. Either they do not wish to hurt someone's feelings or they just aren't sure how to give good positive feedback.

    I really like your cartoon characters and you already show skill. I see the beginnings of shading, depth, form and color. These are all good and all necessary parts of art.

    The best advice I can give is in my signature. I received it near 20 years ago and I still have to remind myself to do it. It is the one of two things I think of as being essential for any artist.

    The First is: Draw what you see, not what you think you should. Everything thing is made up of smaller basic shapes of color and lines. You see those lines by way of light, shadow, color and lack of these things. If you draw those smaller shapes, instead of the whole image, you will find the whole image will reveal itself. Sometimes the whole image can seem intimidating; but if you break it into those smaller basic lines and colored shapes, it becomes easier to tackle. You just have to train your eyes to see them.

    The second is practice. Practice everyday, draw anything and everything you can.

    I have kept things from high school and I have a whole folder of digital art, from the very first doodle (which has never been posted) to the stuff you see in my gallery. Keep all of your doodles, and anything you do. If you keep a journal of your work, you will start to see your progress over time and you will see that you are improving without even knowing it.

    Keep working and keep posting. I just know you'll do great.
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    Your cartoon characters are great, dc!

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    As Megan said, "You must have fun". You are off to a very good start. Keep at it, you will learn as you go. I am sure you couldn't help but notice that this community is more then happy to reach out and share with you their suggestions and encouragement. A word of warning, "Art Rage can become addictive and may make you stay up too late because you forget the passage of time." So, you are hereby ordered to enjoy!!!!

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