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Thread: After the rain

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    After the rain

    Another copy from Pissarro.
    Handmade with oil and knife.
    First version as it is. Second with some more wet blending.
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    Caesar... I like this... it captures the feeling of wetness after a hard rain. the palatte knife work in the trees and the pathway is outstanding.. I like the broken color effect combined with some smoothness in the trees, sky and building.... a tasty artistic treat!.

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    Beautiful I like them both very much
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    Excellent. I have a thick novel called "Depths of Glory" about Pisarro by Irving Stone who wrote the famous "The Agony and the Ecstasy" about Michaelangelo (mostly) and Pope Julius II. The latter was based on letters of Michaelangelo, so it was fairly biographical with the freedom of a novelist to flesh them out into a story. I have not read it, although I have a copy and plan to. The movie was wonderful and so when I came across another book by him on Pisarro, I grabbed it. Your interest in his painting style reminded me I have had it sitting on the shelf for years, and it's high time I crack it open.

    The little I know of Pisarro is that he was the old man of the Impressionists in the early days (I believe), and was the glue that held them together to some extent. For some reason he was not considered as famous, and having seen his work, to me it's not as personally identifiable as his contemporaries like Manet and Monet and Renoir.

    And so it makes me intrigued that you have found his style interesting enough to study. I mean he's great, but a little lower key than the others who were pushing into the new a little faster and harder.

    Having said that about Pisarro, I must say that what you have done with it is really great! This and the other one of the flower garden. I personally like the kick you have given it. It's a really nice blend between your voice and his which I like even better than his, although I respect him greatly for his historical place and what he gave us. But my tastes are such that I find your stuff very interesting of late. Bravo indeed!
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    Great brush work Caesar !!!
    Try to see as many angles of vision as single one of us has a "handle" on the whole picture.

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    Bravo Cesare, mi piacciono entrambi e non saprei scegliere.
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    Love the first one, Caesar. In the more visible strokes one can feel the life pulsing in the streets...and beeing cleansed and refreshed by the life sustaining rain. Very pretty, my friend.

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    both paintings are great! well done

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    Dear Gary, I like copy excercises because I can experioment of some pre-digested and correct composition some idea, take some of me into the painting and possibly learn a little more in a sort of unconscious and intuive way far from a boring and depriving analisys, like it happens with driving. This was good to paint the after rain feeling and mood rather than the scene, a moment I like very much to see, smell, touch and hear ... Thank You!

    Thank you, dear Amanda! All started from the "divisionist" idea of Gigicharm and her recovery of Pissarro as an inspiration. A painter who had a understated originality and a personality of his own which appears here and there and it's nice to carve out some more.

    Thank You, dear D Akey! I know what You refere to concerning Michelangelo, although the memory is slightly vague on that old movie.
    Few paintings by Pissarro were of interest to me, but I found something there, some specific elements of interest and also a sort of humble modesty that often kept him from bursting. In general I'm not much in love with Impressionists. I don't really like Renoir, in particular his palettes, I like reasonably Monet while I and love Degas (because I like drawing) and especially Manet, who can be considered a pre-impressionist. Their paintings feel a little shallow to me poetically and expressively, their colors are often colder than my preference (but that happens quite often with French painting and also northern painters more generally) or a little too vividly clashing. In fact I rather like their followers when they take a little more expressionistic and bolder colors, I mean Gaugine and Van Gogh.
    I like also tonal paintings too, limited undertoned palettes (which are quite hard to get naturally with ArtRage for me, who pick colors intuitively from the whole range).
    Anyway all my copy excercises are eventually just a pretext to make an experiment and express myself without the need to consider and ponderate all is needed to make a composition work.
    What I still have to get is a satisfactory very thick paint composition without using paint tubes like plasticine. I'm approaching that stage anyway.

    Thank You, dear Semd74! With lower loaded brush and loaded knife I found a simple way to provide brushwork with a natural use and flow of the colors.

    Grazie cara Silvia! in fondo non sono poi così evidentemente diversi. Solo piccoli tocchi che hanno cambiato ben poco.

    Thank You, dear Anna! Summer showers which may occur here in this period are such a natural wonder as soon as it's going to end and the sun rays pierces again clouds opening an intense blue sky, as well as particularly appreciated for their cleansing and refreshin, a s You say!

    Glad You like them, dear MSIE! I like the idea to put some live figures on a landscape. It requires just few, right touches, but they add much to the mood. Thank You!
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    Stunning piece. Love it's lighting,brushwork and mood. We had a really heavy rain just some minutes ago, had the windows opened and so I guess it was coincidentally the perfect moment to open this thread. Wonderful work!!! Two thumbs up mate !!

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