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    Commisioned work

    How do artist handle their works commissioned by other companies. You still own the copyright. Do you have an expiration date that you set with them that will allow you to show it after a certain amount of time? They get the first copy and you keep the original? Who owns the painting/concept art?

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    normally all those questions will be answered in the contract you and the client work out. Make sure that a contract will be made - it can help later if there will be a problem regarding who can do what with the artwork you did.

    With digital work it's abit tricky to claim the orginal artwork of course, but then the client will probably just reserve the use of the artwork, so that you are not allowed to use it for another job (if it fits).

    To my experience it varies wheter a client want to own the work you do for them. If they do want to own it, make sure that the pay more for the job.

    If the job require you to hand them the rights of the artwork you do for them, do make sure that you reserve right to use it in your portfolio and for other promovotive situations. Ofcourse you can only do this when the client gives the green light ie. when the artwork you have do is made public available by the client you work for.

    If the client doesn't want or need the rights to the artwork you ofcourse have it. This means, that if the client needs to use the artwork again, they have to pay again (normally half the price of the orginal salery)

    If there is no contract on that the clients gets the right you do own the right to the artwork. Even if the client and you made a vocal agreement they will have a hard time proving they are right.

    to sum it up - get a contract made. It will make your life easier regarding getting the payment etc. and it will also help the client in many ways. (just be sure to read the contract through several times to avoid nasty stuff that you would later regret agreeing to)

    hope this helps...
    Lead Concept Artist - NDS Denmark

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