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Hi Hildee,
I should update as Wacom have done lots of work to improve the nib life-span since back when the intuos 4's first came out. I believe it was improved as early as the 2nd generation of intuos 4's but don't quote me on that as it's been 4 years.
This thread seems to have been resurrected so the 2014 posts onward will be the more up to date information

I'm amazed and pleased that this thread and my second-hand Intuos 2 are still going strong after all these years.

I have a 17" (1600 x 900) laptop and a 20" (1600 x 1200) second screen. I use my ancient Intuos 2 (8" x 6") as pen and mouse. Although I'm no great artist I really enjoy using this setup.
I particularly like:
that I can swap between pen and mouse on the Intuos 2 easily;
the mouse covers both screens in mouse mode;
the pen is tied to the monitor in pen mode;
the Intuos 2 matches the 4x3 aspect ratio of the monitor.

However, I've slightly dented some of the pixels on the monitor and I would love to gain some real-estate by replacing it with a 32" 2560 x 1440 monitor.

Thinking about the difference between Intuos 2 and later ones:
Are newer Intuoses the same aspect ratio as the 2 (i.e. 4x3)? Would newer ones match the aspect ratio of the new monitor 16:9?
Is it possible to use a mouse on the newer ones? Some seem to come without mice and are touch sensitive.
Would it make sense to get a larger tablet to better match the increased monitor size?
Any other advice on which tablet to look for to continue the functionality I currently have but with the new monitor...