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Thread: printing on canvas

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    printing on canvas

    i would like to print my works on canvas (60 - 80 cm)
    what resolution should i have for a good print?

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    from experience I can recommend:

    200dpi for printing on canvas or digital printing.
    300dpi for printing typographical

    All my printings on canvas are to 200dpi.. an example? Click Here

    see you! ^_^
    Stefano Fiore - Rome/Italy (Misterpaint)
    // Tablet Wacom Intuos 4 Medium- XP SP3
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    // 3D Art Gallery for all artists (my web project)

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    thanks a lot

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    I had recently read somewhere else that if you were doing watercolors it could actually even be 100 dpi or 150, for print, because watercolors are so diffuse. I've never tried that though, personally. Has anyone else? I usually do 250. I'll have to try 200 though, as misterpaint suggests. Smaller files that worked faster with more layers wouldn't hurt.

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