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Thread: Oil spectrum palette download problem

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    Oil spectrum palette download problem


    Juz was kind enough to let me know about the Oil spectrum palette that emulates real world oil paint colours and I thought it good to download to my computer.

    As advised on a previous thread that I found - I created a folder in my Hard drive - Artrage working files. Went on to the internet (My laptop is not linked to the internet but on this occasion I did link it up especially to download the new colour palette). I found the Oil Spectrum.col on another thread I searched for, downloaded it. Then I unplugged the internet when it was finished.

    Then went into Artrage trying to find a little grey arrow icon at the bottom of the right hand colour palette. It was not there. So I clicked on the palette to open the menu to select a different palette, trying to find the option to choose colour picker and 'load custom picker'. The option was not there. So I clicked on import custom picker from disk, navigated to the oil spectrum.col file and clicked open. My system said that it cannot open image, something about it not being supported or being damaged and told me to select a different image?????

    I am sure that this should be a simple process as from the forum a lot of Artragers can download different palettes all the time.

    Can anyone let me know what is at fault here. Is it my system or is it (most likely) me.

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    Did you download a .col file, or an image file (.png, .jpg, .jpeg), and which version of ArtRage (ArtRage 2.6, ArtRage Studio/Pro) are you using? Could you provide the link to the thread where you downloaded the file?
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    I searched for the thread and it came up in 'oil spectrum for giclee fine art print productions'. The download was 'oilpaint spectrum.col'.

    I clicked on it and saved it to my newly created folder.

    I am using Artrage studio pro 3.5.

    Don't know why I am having so much trouble.

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    Hi Shar
    Sounds to me like the download was corrupted.. not to worry as Artrage 3 and higher now include that palette within the application folder.

    As you're working with version 3.5 you'll need to open your colour palette and from its menu choose 'import new global colour sample set' then browse to:-
    Program Files (x86)>Ambient Design>Artrage Studio Pro>Resouces>Colors and you'll find Oil Spectrum.col in there

    The import 'global' option will make this palette available to all paintings you do. The import 'local' option will make the palette available only to the current painting that you are working on.

    Hope this helps
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    I found it!

    Thank you so much Juz.

    Your'e a star.

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