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Thread: New version Artrage studio pro

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    New version Artrage studio pro

    I have Artrage Studio Pro 3 and have just heard that there is a new version that I can download.

    The problem I have is that my computer is not linked to the internet. The version I have was downloaded from a disk that I bought from you. Can the new version still be downloaded onto a memory stick and then put onto my computer from that?

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    Sorry everyone!

    I've just sorted it out now.

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    No problem at all! Good to hear it's all sorted out. For anyone else wondering, if you have a computer which is not connected to the internet and want to install or update ArtRage on it:

    -Download the latest ArtRage installer from the Member Area at
    -Copy the file you downloaded to your offline computer, ie. via cd, dvd, usb drive

    You can then double click the file to install ArtRage.
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