We have just released the latest update for ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro: Version 3.5.1.

Version 3.5.1 can be downloaded immediately from the ArtRage Member Area if you have registered your product. For instructions on how to create a Member Area account and register if you need to, click here.

What's New in 3.5:

ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro 3.5 contain a number of major new features and a host of improvements and tweaks. A full list can be found in this thread.

The highlights of the latest version are:


3.5 Studio and Studio Pro take advantage of multi-processor or multi-core processor systems to accelerate its tools and many of the time critical processes throughout the product.

Package Files.

Package Files allow you to gather together sets of custom resources such as stickers, presets, stencils and more in to a single data file that can be installed by other users with a double click. Package files make sharing content easy.

ArtRage Studio users can install package files, Studio Pro users can create their own. We will be releasing Package Files with new content over time.


ArtRage 3.5 sports a scripting system that allows you to record the process of your paintings for playback later either on your own system, or on another. Scripts can be played back at different resolutions, repainting the original image at a new size to avoid the artifacts that are generated by bitmap scaling. Scripts can also be annotated with notes and highlights, allowing the author to point out techniques and explain what's going on as the painting develops on the viewer's canvas.

ArtRage Studio users can play back scripts, ArtRage Studio Pro users can record and annotate their own.

The Scripting system also includes a full scripting language that can be used by advanced users to create procedural scripts that include variable manipulation and user input prompts to control most of the functions of the application.

Artistic Enhancements.

3.5 contains a number of enhancements to existing tools in Studio and Studio Pro:

  1. The Real Color Blending system in ArtRage Studio Pro has been rewritten to improve blend results and speed.
  2. Hard tipped tools such as chalk, crayon, and pencil have been softened slightly to allow for more expression via pressure and improve interaction with the canvas texture.
  3. The Palette Knife can now be loaded with paint before use.
  4. Studio Pro's Airbrush has controls for edge falloff and dripping.

There have been many more changes and improvements to the application, please see the detailed thread linked above for a full list.

New in 3.5.1:

This version contains a number of fixes for issues found in the 3.5.0 release, including:

1. Mac OS X 10.4 Support Issues: Fixed a crash that could occur on app startup for OS X 10.4 users.

2. Mac OS X 10.7 Panel Issues: Fixed a bug that could cause some panels on OS X 10.7 to appear in the wrong location when opening, or be too small or devoid of contents. This fix also ensures panels will only vanish during painting if you paint in to their region.

3. Scripting Issues:

  • Dropping an ARScript file on to the ArtRage window should now trigger script loading.
  • Corrected the Script File icon on OS X.
  • Fixed a problem with 'Wait (rVariable)' in manual script files.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the sampler tool being manually scripted in stroke events.
  • Added SampleColour(x, y) to the script language to allow manual sampling of colour at a point.
  • Fixed a problem that could prevent script playback scaling the paper texture correctly when playing back a script at a different resolution.

4. Other Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when open the Grain Picker and closing it without selecting a grain.